We really like to get to know who we work with so it’s only fair you should too.



Alan Philbrook

Technical Director

I was working at a patent office in London when my mother saw an ad in the ‘New Shopper’ so I proceeded to Rowden Road (Beckenham which was between two railway lines, and I got a job working in an electronics company (MSI) as a Junior Engineer and 35 years, I’m still here!

Fun Facts

  • I would like to live – a bit longer
  • Almost nobody knows – well they don’t know; it’s a secret!
  • I love – cricket
  • I hate – politics
  • If I won the lottery I would – sort the kids out
  • The superpower I most want is – to be able to fly so I could avoid airports
  • If I was granted one wish from a Genie it would be – two more wishes, please