Wiltshire Ballistic Services has been undertaking ballistics trials for over 25 years.

Wiltshire Ballistic Services (WBS) is a dedicated ballistic testing facility, indoor trials and demonstration range that has been undertaking ballistics trials for over 25 years.

WBS specialises in the testing of bullet and projectile-resistant materials. It has a wide range of instrumentation for the assessment of projectile velocity, internal ballistics and electronic scoring, all of which are calibrated and certified.

On three available indoor ranges, firing can be undertaken at distances from 10m to 100m. Also included in the secure underground complex are conference and exhibition facilities available for use by clients. Ballistic testing is carried out to all national and international standards, although WBS also has the experience and flexibility to assist their clients with development work.

The Ranges Entrance
Tunnel Red Live Fire SML
We guarantee the confidentiality of our clients’ products and concepts and operate a quality management system which has been approved to ISO 9001. WBS is certified to ISO 17025 and is also UK MoD approved.

WBS is a wholly owned subsidiary of MS Instruments, and the synergy between the two companies ensures that the service and facilities offered in the future will continue to include the latest and best technology.