A non-lethal deterrent designed to distract, disorientate and deprive.

NIMBUS comprises of a series of covertly-fitted pyrotechnic devices that are fired from within the vehicle. The system is designed to DISTRACT, DISORIENTATE and DEPRIVE.

The system uses smoke, sound and airburst to distract and disorientate attackers while giving the edge back to the inhabitants of the vehicle. The NIMBUS Non-Lethal Deterrent (NLD) system provides an effective countermeasure by creating a dense smoke screen around the vehicle, while the sound and flash disorientate the attacker(s), scattering any shots being fired.

NIMBUS is completely controlled from within the vehicle and the operator has the option to deploy a single unit, a bank of units (left or right), the rear air units or the entire system all at once. The control panel can be dimmed for use at night and there is the option of a remote firing unit. Before departing, the system can be configured for the environment in which it will be used. Once units have been deployed the system automatically arms the remaining units and continually self-checks while in use.

Non-lethal and covert

Simple to deploy with safety firing system

Worldwide tracking system
Retrofits to any vehicle
The system incorporates a tracker system that provides a warning message back at base or on a mobile phone device once NIMBUS has been deployed. It also provides location data of the vehicle so action can be taken.

This system is designed to be versatile so it can be used for a variety of purposes including VIP protection, transporting goods, compound protection, training, riot prevention and for the Armed Forces. The system can be fitted to any vehicle in a matter of hours.