Mission success is dependent on training that replicates real-world scenarios.

Challenging and realistic training is proven to result in operational success. Partition Panel Systems (PPS) have been designed by Barrie Pegrum (Sector Associates), an engineer with 30 years of range design experience, building and testing weapon ranges and Close Quarter Battle (CQB) facilities. The system has been produced in consultation with Special Forces and Police Firearms specialists. The results are products that meet the end users’ requirements for flexible and dynamic firearms training.

PPS offers affordable, modular training houses, providing the option to upgrade your existing facility into a challenging training environment. 

What makes PPS different?


Our panels can be configured into any layout or scenario, allowing your team to rehearse in replicas of current or future operations.


The PPS unique retractable castor wheel base system allows heavy panels to be easily and rapidly moved by just two people. Light panels can be moved by a single person. Multi-room layouts can be built in just a few hours.


All our systems come in specially configured shipping containers, allowing them to be easily moved to new training locations or overseas bases.