We really like to get to know who we work with so it’s only fair you should too.



Paul Everington

Managing Director

I liked doing engineering because I used to tinker with things at home – take things apart. I decided to go into electrical engineering. During my four-year thin sandwich course at Brighton Poly, I spent the first 6-months placement at the engineering industry training board. For the second work experience placement, I did 6 months at MSI when it was based in Beckenham. In the third year I came back for another 6 months at MSI and on graduation, I was offered a full-time job as a Junior Engineer. I have worked full-time at MSI for almost 31 years (33 including the part-time placements).

Fun Facts

  • If I won the lottery – I would buy a theatre
  • Almost nobody knows – I once dove off the highest Olympic board
  • I love – spending time with my family
  • I hate – raw celery
  • The superpower I most want is – the ability to teleport anywhere in the world
  • If I was granted one wish from a Genie it would be – that the world would wake up to genuine equality for women
  • What famous person/character would you be – a friendly Norwegian troll