We really like to get to know who we work with so it’s only fair you should too.



Trina Keeping

PA to the Managing Director

When I was younger, I wanted to be a princess; I am not sure how that dream progressed into what it is today. I started to work for MSI over 10 years ago as a part-time Client Support Officer and, since then, I have progressed to working full-time having fallen in love with the job and everything the role entails (that’s what I’m told to say anyway!) I am continuously taking exams and I’m a bit of an ‘all-rounder’; meaning that I take on everything that is thrown my way. I plan and attend exhibitions, oversee the invoicing procedure, manage staff holidays and sickness, just to name a few. I may not be the princess I was destined to be, but I am certainly happy to work for a growing and ever-developing company with a hands-on team and a great atmosphere. We have come a long way since carbon copies and Tipp-Ex!

Fun Facts

  • If I won the lottery – I would thank the person that lost their ticket, because I’m sure I didn’t buy one
  • I would like to live – in Wonderland as Alice
  • I love – Alice in Wonderland
  • I hate – ugly shoes
  • The superpower I most want is – does being a millionaire count as a superpower?
  • If I was granted one wish from a Genie it would be – to be granted another, more sensible wish after impulsively wishing for all the shoes in the world and a huge wardrobe to keep them in!
  • I wouldn’t be caught dead – in Crocs!
  • What famous person/character would you be – Alice in Wonderland; everyone who knows me calls me Alice