We really like to get to know who we work with so it’s only fair you should too.

Wayne Millard

Senior Field Engineer

I joined MSI in March 1997 after leaving Molins – a packaging/tobacco machinery manufacturing company. I was originally employed as a wireman/assembly operator and within two years I worked my way up to become a Junior Engineer and now a Senior Field Engineer.

I love gadgets. I’m always interested in the latest technology and usually the first one to get the latest gadget or smart watch, but not the mainstream. I prefer the nerdy oddities that are unique and make me think about how I can use them to inspire my work. I have a very inquisitive nature and, over the years, honed my talent for creating interesting designs.

Fun Facts

  • I would like to live – in Timbuktu
  • Almost nobody knows – I had a ponytail for years
  • I love – my kids
  • I hate – answering questions!

Unfortunately, that’s it. We asked more questions, but we had apparently hit the limit.